Intellectual Property Rights Network (IPRN)

Introduction and overview:

Pakistan, for her ideal geographical location, fertile land, agricultural economy, best irrigation system, fighting against terrorism as a frontline country, has gained a pivotal position among the world nations.Despite facing numerous challenges, the country has potentialities making progress by leaps and bounds and achieving the Millennium Development Goals.

Unfortunately, Pakistan is allocating less than 3% of GNP to education. It’s a general perception that due to illiteracy common man in Pakistan has very little awareness of his rights and safeguards regarding rights available under law.

In the globalised world new ideas, inventions and developments bring changes in world sooner or later. At legal side, one of such developing areas is law regarding Intellectual Property.  No doubt, poor education system and low awareness level lead our society to a point where common man has no awareness regarding such rights and even legal practitioners have very vague idea regarding the subject.

Interestingly,one of the country’s oldest and top ranking universities first time introduced Intellectual Property Laws as an optional subject in 2008, but very few students opted to this subject.Beside many others, one reason is that hardly any local books are available on the subject.

The basic objective of creating this network is to provide first-hand knowledge to general public specially focusing on law students, law practitioners, artisans, performers, businessmen, university& college students and people from all walks of life regarding the subject of intellectual property law.

For the said purpose on our call many eminent scholars, teachers, and keen listeners and enthusiastic learners came forward to support our initiative and contributed in our efforts of learning and touting message to masses. Thus a discourse began and enabled us to look forward in exploring the gigantic field of Intellectual property law in the realm of local and international law.

Intellectual Property Rights Network (IPRN) established in 2012 in response to an increase demand of students, teachers, practitioners, attorneys, lawyers and businessmen, members of chamber of commerce and trade unions. It is a leading network in Islamabad & Rawalpindi region that offers free information’s to the requested queries. Our fortnightly study circle offers some interesting aspects of intellectual property rights and leads to discussion which ends on question & answer session.

The main objective of the said network is to provide quality information to general public and especially to those who are directly or indirectly linked to this area of law. Besides creating linkages and signposting, the network is intend to provide training in intellectual property rights to the stakeholders and target communities in order to enable them to enhance their knowledge and capacity.

Last but not least it is our humble request to those who are directly or indirectly linked to the subject of intellectual property rights to come forward and join our struggle in spreading the light of rights and creating a society where people can enjoy the benefit of their scholarly work and inventions in fair and just way.

Aims & Objectives:
  1. Raising and increasing public awareness on Intellectual Property Rights Issues.
  2. Promoting Training and Development on Intellectual Property Rights among different walks of life.
  3. Encouraging efficient cooperation, fostering synergies and facilitate a structured dialogue in the area of law between civil society networks and public bodies.
  4. Establishing contacts with representing institutions, professional bodies, governmental and non-governmental organisations.
  5. Providing free legal aid, on matters relating to Intellectual Property, especially to those individuals and communities who have no access to justice either due to their mere resources or information.
  6. Arranging talks, healthy discussions, seminars, workshops and speeches by eminent personalities in the field of legal and social sciences.
  7. Bridging gap between organisations and individuals working directly or indirectly with intellectual property matters.
Our Core Values:

  • Impartiality
  • Responsibility & Responsiveness
  • Transparency
  • Parity & Legitimacy
  • Non-profit & Non religious Integrity

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