Settlement Between Apple and Samsung Still being Negotiated

Settlement Between Apple and Samsung Still being Negotiated

Apple and Samsung are not only market competitors. Both companies are draining its focus into proving who is right in the legal field. Apple already claimed $1 billion win over Samsung in a previous legal measurement. The war is over patents and which company stole something from the other and broke the law. This time is different. Maybe both companies have learned from their mistakes in the past and are trying to settle the ongoing law suit.

It was reported that Samsung and Apple are working behind closed doors to find a solution for its patent disputes. Sources close to these meetings are claiming that Samsung wants cross-licensing deal that would settle all remaining litigations. According to The Wall Street Journal this meeting occurred back in December last year when both company representatives had eye-to-eye meeting in Seoul. This source claims that they were close to settling this February but the something happened and the negotiations went away. Until now, there is nothing to suggest whether this deal went off or they are close to a settlement. TWSJ mentioned that unnamed people claims these negotiations are still ongoing.


Both companies have seen wins and losses over similar patent claims happening all over the world. Most of these settlement proposals have been blocked. Apple has made its offer to Samsung in September last year and they had a meeting in January. There was no deal back then. Later in February, again, both companies have met and they have conducted a “memorandum of understanding” that failed to give results in a final agreement between these two companies. After this, the companies haven’t talked until March when Samsung asked from Apple to continue the talks. Apple hasn’t responded on this requirement until June 4.

Big part of this problem involves licensing for patented technologies.

According to this report, it’s not clear if Apple is interested in this broad cross-licensing agreement that Samsung has been pushing it lately. Both companies seem to have great reasons for settling things down and coming to terms. Though they are fighting in court, they can’t live without each other. Apple gives money to Samsung for processor and memory chips needs which are created by Samsung. Earlier we saw a report that Samsung will again be the main chip supplier in the upcoming years despite Apple’s effort to distance itself from this company.

It’s time to see some mutual understanding and reasonable behavior by these companies. The war between them should be in the middle of the market where they are both leaders. We are looking forward to see the final agreement and bring it close to you.


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