The Renowned Patent Attorneys at Adli Law Group, P.C. Receive a Well-Earned Office Upgrade

After years as the most effective and knowledgeable patent attorneys in Los Angeles, Adli Law Group, P.C. moves into exclusive new offices

By Adli Law Group P.C.

LOS ANGELES, MAY 16, 2013 — /PRNewswire/ — In recent years, the lawyers at Adli Law Group, P.C. have made a name for themselves as the ideal team for those seeking a business attorney, either in Los Angeles or various other key business-centers around the globe. In fact, the firm’s record of success among professionals seeking a business attorney in Los Angeles has necessitated larger offices to properly accommodate their local and international business clients alike. That’s why, on June 1st, Adli Law Group will be upgrading their offices from their location on West Fifth Street in downtown Los Angeles to an elite space in L.A.’s iconic Citigroup Tower.

The new location is a perfect fit for the company, famous for its success with a variety of clients from some of the largest and most influential Fortune 500 companies around the globe. While the elite Citigroup Tower offices of the Adli Law Group team will serve as the headquarters for the Los Angeles-based company, they will only be one hub of a firm with offices in important business centers including London, Tokyo and Taipei. The location is more impressive still, considering the broad spectrum of clients the skilled team elects to represent. Alongside their high profile global clients, Dr. Dariush Adli and his team are happy to represent a diverse mix of mid-size clients and start-up companies when appropriate.

The success of Adli Law Group founder, Dr. Adli, as a patent attorney comes as no surprise to those familiar with the distinguished attorney’s background as the Head of the Patent Group at a large, Los Angeles-based international law firm. Dr. Adli also served as a lead scientist at Duke Electric Power Company in Boston, MA, where he authored and co-authored a number of award-winning articles that were published in national scientific journals. It is largely due to this sincere passion for science and business that has allowed Dr. Adli to bring together such an acclaimed patent, trademark, and copyright law team. Regardless of the size, scope or geography of their clients, Adli Law Group consistently brings first rate expertise to develop, obtain and protect rights for intellectual property among other business issues.

For their many clients, the move to the globally-recognized Citigroup Tower represents an inspiring and all-too-rare example of a firm finding success based strictly on their record or unparalleled accomplishment and client-focus. Since the firm’s beginnings, the team has been fully committed to providing cogent advice concerning legal strategies related to patents, trademarks, copyrights and many other types of business-related litigation. For further details about Adli Law Group P.C., please call 213-623-6546; visit the website at or their new offices at 444 South Flower Street, Suite 1750, Los Angeles, CA 90071.


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