World Intellectual Property Rights Day observed

The Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI) celebrated World Intellectual Property Rights Day in collaboration with Intellectual Property Organisation of Pakistan (IPO) and Saarc Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) and agreed to initiate joint ventures for awareness and capacity building activities with the objectives to make business community conversant with protection of Intellectual Property Rights.


Addressing the seminar, IPO-Pakistan Director General Tarik Feroze reiterated his firm resolve to make IPO a vibrant organisation by giving due consideration to recommendations of stakeholders and said that they had adopted a policy to approach partner organisations for seeking their expert opinion. He said IPO has also made it possible to keep liaison with right holders at grassroots level to get their suggestion, which would help in policy formulation and developing future strategies. He said they can face all the challenges by developing joint work relationship with stakeholders and in order to achieve better results.


Tarik also highlighted the need of public private partnerships for promotion of Intellectual Property Rights in the society. He said IPR’s would be enforced vigorously with active involvement of law enforcing agencies.


ICCI President Zafar Bakhtawari, said that this is age of intellectual property and promotion of brands must be given due consideration. He said that private sector should be given proper representation in IPO policy board so that the concerns of business community could be addressed in efficient manner.


Saarc Chamber of Commerce and Industry Secretary General Iqbal Tabish underlined the need for developing close interactions among Saarc member countries so that better understanding may be developed through sharing of knowledge and experiences of each other to manage IPR issues in Saarc member countries.


Muhammad Ismail, Nadia Zubair Shah, Dr. Arshad Ali and Muhammad Siddique also gave presentations relating to intellectual property subjects.


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