Adli Law Group P.C. Makes Client Awareness a Cornerstone of its Success

When tackling intellectual property disputes all over the world, the highly accomplished law firm feels no need to keep its clients in the dark

Published: Monday, Apr. 1, 2013 – 12:41 pm

LOS ANGELES, April 1, 2013 — /PRNewswire/ — Adli Law Group P.C. continues to maintain a leading global presence in the practice of Intellectual Property law. Headquartered in Los Angeles with satellite offices in London, Tokyo, and Taipei, Adli Law Group represents a wide range of international clients, from successful companies perched in the Fortune 500 all the way down to start-up business owners with innovations hoping to protect their unique ideas. A key aspect of the company’s success—in addition to partnering a high-quality litigation and business attorney with a client at reasonable rates—is the team’s emphasis on client communication. This is especially evidenced by the online presence established by Dr. Dariush Adli, world-class patent attorney and President/founder of Adli Law Group.

Through media appearances on radio, television, and social media in conjunction with fresh, frequent additions to the Adli Law Group blog and YouTube channel, Dr. Adli gets to share his Intellectual Property insights and knowledge with viewers and readers. Throughout these sessions, Dr. Adli triumphs the notion that an educated client is an important one, often breaking down complex concepts in easily digestible ways. In one notable video, Dr. Adli very clearly breaks down the four types of intellectual property—patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets—and their subsets.

Only though educating potential and current clients does the need for an intellectual property lawyer become clear; the subtleties and intricacies of intellectual property and business law require an experienced and passionate navigator. Dr. Adli—with a doctorate in Engineering Physics and years of experience working as a lead scientist—has the diverse skillset, technical background, and attention to detail to give these cases their due consideration.

Adli Law partner, Rasheed McWilliams, recently posted his own line of informational videos on the law firm’s YouTube channel. In succinct, enlightening clips, the world-class litigation attorneyspeaks on various topics, including “3 Biggest Mistakes People Make in the Music Industry,” “Protect Your Name and IP as an Entertainer,” and “5 Red Flags in Your Recording Contract.” While the subject matter might seem to only apply to aspiring musicians, there are many lessons that bleed out into other industries. For instance, Mr. McWilliams stresses two very important points throughout these videos: all artists should read (and understand) their contracts and work with an intellectual property or related industry attorney.

These two steps influence each other, as well. Knowing the ins and outs of an agreement allows artists to keep their attorneys accountable; Mr. McWilliams mentions that if a lawyer doesn’t seem to understand a contract, then the person they’re representing isn’t getting the best deal possible. Similarly, a competent and experienced entertainment industry attorney can (and should) help their client understand the difficult passages of a contract. Because of this, Mr. McWilliams, Dr. Adli, and the rest of the capable team of Adli Law Group believe that their services are invaluable to individuals and companies dealing in intellectual and creative property. Adli Law Group’s track record speaks volumes in this respect; court cases in front of the International Trade Commission and the high court of Dusseldorf, Germany are just two examples that show the influence of Adli Law Group’s multinational and respectable reach.


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