Apple Taken to Chinese Court for Copyright Infringement of Siri Software

Apple had to appear in a Shanghai court this Wednesday ( March 27) as it was accused by the China based firm Zhizhen Technology Co, of copying the software used in Siri, Apple’s virtual assistant. Zhizhen holds a patent over a voice recognition software for its Xiao i Robot. The patent was acquired by the company back in 2004. Zhizhen has claimed that Apple has infringed it’s patent.


Apple Taken to Chinese Court for Copyright Infringement


Siri which was developed by Apple, in the year 2007 and was first introduced in the iPhone 4S, in 2011. The intelligent personal assistant responded to user’s commands through a voice recognition software. The product designed by the Chinese company also works in a similar way, but operates on both iOS and Android platforms. According to ShanghaiDaily, Xiao i Robot has been used by 100 million people from over 100 countries and regions.

“The company will ask Apple to stop manufacturing and selling products using its patent rights, once Apple’s infringement is confirmed,” Si Weijiang, a lawyer representing Zhizhen, told AFP.

“We don’t exclude the possibility of demanding compensation in the future,” He added

Apple has however denied the allegations in the court but has refused to comment on the same, to the media. The two companies will be exchanging evidences at a pre-trial hearing.

Zhizhen spokeswoman Mei Li told AFP that full trial is scheduled to be heard in July.

Last year, Apple had a dispute with Shenzhen Proview Technology over ownership of the iPad name in China. The California based company had shell out $60 million to settle dispute.


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