Intellectual Ventures Reaches Another Semiconductor Patent Settlement

Intellectual Property Watch

By Kelly Burke for Intellectual Property Watch

Intellectual Ventures (IV) announced today that another settlement has been reached in one of its three patent infringement cases involving nine manufacturers in the semiconductor industry.

The latest resolution is with Lattice Semiconductor Corporation who ”will become a licensee to segments of IV’s patent portfolio of nearly 40,000 IP assets,” according to an Intellectual Ventures press release. The settlement agreement also states that “IV will file a motion to dismiss all pending litigation against Lattice.”

Intellectual Ventures, a non-practicing patent-holding entity, filed the patent infringement complaints in December 2010 in the US District Court of Delaware.  The first settlement was reached with Microsemi Corporation in January 2013.

“We continue to pursue productive discussions with the other defendants,” Melissa Finocchio, vice president and chief litigation counsel for Intellectual Ventures, said in the press release. “IV has dedicated considerable resources to building a portfolio of semiconductor assets and these settlements reinforce the quality of our patent portfolio.”


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