Zanjeer copyright infringement row moved to High Court

First Zanjeer remake looked troublesome for Amit Mehra and Reliance but now the ball has come in their court as they have bounced back in a legal way. Salim Khan and Javed Akhtar, the scriptwriters of the original Zanjeer blamed them with copyright infringement allegations. Later, Salim Khan also scripted a strongly worded letter to the Scriptwriters Association seeking justice. The association called for an all-party meeting, headed by FWICE (Federation of Western India Cine Employees) to come to a final positive conclusion.

But then came a new twist in the tale. It has been heard that Amit Mehra has slapped a legal suit against Khan-Akhtar duo when he realised that they would never give up their fight for royalties. Khan talked about the latest development, “The matter is still very much with the FWICE. We shall abide by the Federation. If the issue doesn’t get resolved even then, we will press for an injunction on the film.” He added more, “No order was passed by the judge. I am told by my lawyers that the case is as good as dismissed.” He went on, “I am appalled that Amit doesn’t seem to understand our stance, which is crystal clear.” Mehra, who attended the High Court proceedings, remained unavailable for comment.

On his part, Mehra has been defending his stance that the already paid writers do not require to be paid again. To recount whatever has happened since some time now, Salim-Javed have been fighting for intellectual rights over the new Zanjeer and have sought a compensation of Rs. 6 crore from the makers.


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