ISP looking for copyright infringement, launch copyright alert system

This is a very timely step. ISP is finally looking for copyright infringement, launch copyright alert system

A proposal meant for interrupting access to the internet for all those who flout the accepted practices is being initiated by the nation’s major internet service providers.

The initiative has a strong backing seeing the gravity of the scofflaws over the internet. Those backing the system called as the Copyright Alert System are the President Barack Obama’s administration and Hollywood studios along with record labels.

This step has got huge support from the Recording Industry Association of America and the Motion Picture Association of America and the ISPs are not needed to remove copyrighted content getting shared from their network.

How does this work: Once the ISP gets a notice from the copyright holder or a representative about a scofflaw, a copyright is forwarded to the IP address shown.

When the first offence takes place, an e-mail alert is sent to the IP address, which states that the account might have been used for a content theft online. Once the second offence happens, a message is sent which tells about the legalities of online file sharing.

After this, a pop-up notice is sent to the subscriber and he is asked to acknowledge the message.

The plan will work in collaboration with the Centre for Copyright Information. The CCI’s aim is to spread awareness about how important is copyright protection. People will be told about how to lawfully get music and movies online.

According to the plan, once scofflaws commit an offence for four times, mitigation measures will commence by these residential internet providers. These measures can be anything from a reduced internet speed to subscriber’s service getting redirected to an educational landing page that informs about the violation.

There is no option through which content owners are prevented from suing internet subscribers. Per infringement, damages up to $150,000 are allowed by the copyright act.

The CCI has also stated that the plan is not aimed at terminating online accounts of regular offenders. It should however be noted that it has been demanded by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act that repeat offenders should be kicked off.

Peer-to-peer file sharing will be closely kept an eye on by the initiative via internet snoop MarkMonitor of San Francisco. This step could have been taken much before but some hurdles have kept it away from being implemented.

It is not at all difficult to assess peer-to-peer file sharing as this gets detected without any difficulty. Certain things that remain untouched by this clean-up attempt are Cyberlockers, e-mail attachments, shared Dropbox folders and other ways to infringe.

Those who are supporting this plan that has been assembled for four years now are Comcast, AT&T, Cablevision, Verizon and Time Warner Cable and very soon there will be more names added to the list of participants.

It should be noted that the US economy has suffered losses worth $58 billion and about 373,000 people have lost their jobs and every year the lost employee earnings have totaled to $16 billion in lost employee earnings.

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