IMN Highlights Three Tips for Content Marketers to Avoid Trademark Infringement

WALTHAM, Mass. – February 12, 2013– IMN, the digital marketing company that delivers branded newsletters and content for vertical markets, today issued three tips to help content marketers avoid trademark infringement. The best practices focus on often overlooked or misunderstood rules that could lead to significant legal risk and financial penalties if ignored.

“Content marketers are always looking for ways to tie into timely events as a relevant way to connect with customers and prospects,” said Nancy Liberman, chief marketing officer, IMN. “With celebrities preparing to gather at the Dolby Theatre for the motion picture industry’s most coveted awards, we thought this was an opportune time to remind the industry of ways to avoid putting their organizations at significant legal risk, including refraining from the temptation of using the name of trademarked events in business communications.”

  • Know the rules: Before writing an article about your favorite actress’s odds of winning a statuette, read the legal requirements. In the case of those coveted movie awards, all ecommunications – including newsletters, tweets on Twitter or Facebook updates – are considered advertising if it’s on behalf of your business and therefore is not permitted without written consent.
  • Know when it’s “editorial” and when it’s “advertising”: If you’re sending out any kind of communication to people who you hope buy things from you, it is advertising. That includes your print newsletter, enewsletter, Facebook feed, Twitter feed, Pinterest page, and every other medium that has your business’s name attached to it.
  • Write about something else: If the movie filmed in your town is up for an award, every business in a 250 mile radius is going to try and associate itself with it. Why not take the opposite tack and write about something else? At the end of the day, offering a tweet about the film might get lost in the noise. Writing something that truly helps your customers understand something about your business or the products you offer will have a longer shelf life.



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