Intellectual Property India has published a patent application (3316/DEL/2012 A) filed by Fareed Mahdi, Aligarh Uttar Pradesh on Oct. 29, 2012 for a ‘polymer concrete based on resin obtained from recycled pet bottles.’

The application for the patent – which was invented by Fareed Mahdi, Hussain Abbas, Asif Ali Khan and Mohammad Sarosh Umar – was published on Jan. 18 under issue no. 03/2013. According to the abstract released by the Intellectual Property India: “Polymer concrete is a cogent method for utilizing potentially dangerous waste material obtained from Municipal Solid Waste (MSW). MSW gives rise to non-biodegradable product in the form of plastic which is often a cause of environmental catastrophe in the urban regions as well as rural areas. Polymer concrete is a high performance composite material consisting of polymer resin as a binding material and a well graded inorganic aggregates. It has a high degree of strength and durability, hardens rapidly and can be effectively used in various structural pre-cast applications such as drains for acid waste, underground vaults and junction boxes, sewer pipes, power line transmission poles, bridges etc. In the present invention, polymers concrete is produced using recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET) obtained from waste soft drink and water bottles. Recycled PET plastic waste is chemically modified to produce a low cost unsaturated polyester resin as compared to the cost of virgin polyester resin. Hence the cost of Polymer Concrete based on recycled polyester resin is greatly reduced. The large-scale use of recycled PET, will not only help in conserving the ecological balance, and solve some of the solid waste problems and save energy, but also it will open up opportunities for the chemical industry for producing unsaturated polyester resin based on PET. The use of resin based on recycled PET has cost effective applications for the masses and especially for the construction industry as lighter members and less curing time reduces the cost of construction. The Polymer Concrete produced using the present invention has high compressive and tensile strengths, is durable and has good thermal resistance.”


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