IT firms invest in Intellectual Property will see quantum growth: Study

BANGALORE: IT Services firms that invest in Intellectual Property (IP)-based offerings will experience accelerated growth in the next 24 to 36 months, said a study conducted byConstellation Research. It shows a staggering 80% of clients surveyed prefer ‘outcomes’ rather than technologies or solutions from IT service providers. The resulting demand-side dynamics of this preference will compel services firms to focus on IP versus vanilla offerings.

This “Big Idea” report titled, Clients Want Outcomes, Are Indian IT Services Vendors Ready,” explores the future of the IT services market and helps buyers understand what to expect from Indian IT service providers. Based on the shifts in the technology purchasing environment, Constellation recommends four business models for Indian IT Services providers seeking to drive non-linear growth. Indian IT services firms can create high-volume, high-value opportunities for themselves by applying differentiated intellectual property (IP) creation, enabling disruptive technology-focused business models, delivering innovation value chains, and leading partner ecosystems, said R Ray Wang, CEO & principal analyst at Constellation Research.

The abundance of disruptive technologies in Cloud, Mobile, Social and Big Data presents tremendous opportunities for Indian IT firms to craft new business paradigms that expand the business and strengthens relationships with customers. Wang says, “Indian firms should now understand that their conventional business models have matured. Not only have their buyers’ technology challenges and priorities changed, their buyers’ profile itself is changing. Clients have moved way beyond mere staff augmentation, infrastructure, testing and advice. As long as IT services firms deliver on promised outcomes, clients do not care what database, hardware or internal middleware is used to deliver the solution.”


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