Kodak Under Fire For Patent Infringement

Rochester, NY-based OEM Kodak, Inc. is facing another round of accusations of patent infringment as it seeks to lift itself out of Chapter 11 bankruptcy. According to MarketWatch and The Recycler, Kyocera has become the latest company to accuse Kodak of patent infringement, claiming that the former’s digital cameras and printers infringe on 15 of their patents.

Kyocera is now suing the company in defense of the patents and further says that the infringements occurred during the time after Kodak had declared bankruptcy. This, according to Kyocera, means that the claimed damages should rank as ?top priority claims?. Kodak, as is generally the case, has refused to comment on these latest allegations. Additionally, Kyocera states in the report that Kodak has denied liability for the infringement.

Despite having the complaint turned in before the actual sale of the 1,100 patent portfolio to Intellectual Ventures LLC for $525, it went through as scheduled. Intellectual Ventures will now license these patents to a variety of companies including Google, Apple, Samsung, and Microsoft among others.

Kyocera is not the only one who has accused Kodak of patent infringement. Other companies include Ricoh, Nikon, Oracle, and Motorola. All the companies involved are worried that the sale of these patents would mean that any case they had against Kodak would be discounted now that Kodak no longer owns the patents. They also have noted that wording regarding patents that existed in the first set of documents when Kodak filed for bankruptcy initially are no longer part of the most recent paperwork.




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