AMD sues former staff for theft of Trade Secrets

In a recent report from IGN, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) has involved Nvidia in its lawsuit against some of its ex-employees. A lawsuit has been filed against several of AMD’s former executives, who brought confidential information regarding the next generations of the Xbox and PlayStation with them after finding new opportunities with Nvidia.


AMD filed the suit in the District Court of Massachusetts and claims that four of its ex-employees made off with thousands of confidential documents, including sensitive information about technologies which will be used for Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo’s next-generation gaming consoles.

IGN also reports that the lawsuit targets Robert Feldstein, AMD’s former Strategic Division VP, who played a key role in developing hardware for game consoles like the Xbox 360 and Wii. AMD claims that they possess “forensically-recovered data” which implicates him with other former execs with the transfer of 100,000 files containing trade secrets related to development.


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